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Name Your Heart

by Matt Moody

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released October 31, 2011

Matt Moody, 'Name Your Heart' [Fresh Track]
Posted by D. Patrick Rodgers on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 8:00 AM

Matt Moody — or the "heavily bearded wizard of the East," as I once called him — is known for his work with local outfits Hands Down Eugene, A Country Gentleman and By Lightning! (exclamation point theirs). Well, just as Save Macaulay the Band eventually gave way to Caitlin Rose, and just as The Paper Hats eventually gave way to William Tyler, now Mr. Moody has decided to put out tunes under his Christian name. And I can certainly see why — Moody is a damn fine surname for a heavy psych-rock riffer.

First of all, we must tip our collective Cream hat in the direction of We Own This Town for bringing Moody's brand-new single, "Name Your Heart," to our attention. The song, which was recorded by Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes, is a fuzzed-out blast of Southern psychedelia. The line "Try and make a move to the country" reminds me of this song by The Move, and the single art — designed by Moody's wife, Mandy Peitz Moody — reminds me of the cover art for this Dr. Dog album. The sonics themselves land somewhere in the same vicinity as the afore-referenced outfits. Which is to say that it's gnarly, well-executed, psych-pop-inflected rock 'n' roll. Listen to "Name Your Heart" via Matt Moody's Bandcamp page — where you can buy it for $1 — or below.

Matt Moody, 'Name Your Heart' [Fresh Vid]
Posted by D. Patrick Rodgers on Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 10:46 AM

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Matt Moody, obviously. The Mood Man has clearly been relentlessly prolific this holiday season, releasing videos and videos and albums and tracks. Well, perhaps one of the most intriguing and generally awesome local rock-related stories of the year went down when, as you'll recall, Moody's "Name Your Heart" was featured in an extremely popular Spanish Mercedez-Benz commercial. Above you'll find the brand-new video for "Name Your Heart," which was directed by Moody's go-to video visionary, Amy Hobbs, and features the men of Moody's A Country Gentleman. Local rock buffs will notice representatives of The Good Americans, Millionaire Magicians, Battletapes and more in the mix.

Oh, and if you're a Spain-residing fan who surfed our way courtesy of a Moody-themed Google search, then hola!


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